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CITY VISION — The National Distributor of Hikvision in Qatar.

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City Vision established in 2022 and we are an approved company by the Ministry of Interior. Our commitment to providing customers with the most advanced, leading-edge technology. We form an integral part of every partner that we work with.


We have a team of certified sales and technical experts with deep knowledge of products, services, and markets as well an extensive experience in designing, delivering, and supporting the best solutions to our partners. 


As an authorized national distributor of Hikvision in Qatar, City Vision offers a wide range of security products and solutions based on the latest cutting-edge technologies. We provide high quality products and solutions at competitive prices, in addition to premium services which bring value to our partners and differentiate us from others. We define us as Value Added Distributor where we go above and beyond traditional distributors in our business approach by offering supplementary services to our selling products & solutions.

Our Advantage

Localization of the Enterprise

As one of the few enterprises registered and licensed by the Qatari Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) with Chinese capital, we actively integrate into the local Qatari society, understanding and respecting the country’s business practices, regulations, and values. Through this approach, we have fostered closer relationships with the local clientele. Being recognized as a Qatari-based enterprise with Chinese capital, we possess a notable advantage in the government’s project tendering processes. This strategy of localization strengthens our position in the Qatari market and enhances the trust and support from our clients and project partners.

Customization of the Services

We emphasize the customization of services, tailoring solutions and services to suit the unique needs of each client, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. Concurrently, we have established a local after-sales service center with the following advantages:

  • Swift Response and Assistance.
  • In-depth Understanding of the Local Market.
  • Establishment of Trust and Stable Relationships.

Diversification of the Products

The focus of product diversification lies in our reliance on the Chinese supply chain, affording us an extensive array of product categories to meet various demands. Leveraging the advantages of the Chinese supply chain, we offer a wide selection of products, including computer hardware, software, network equipment, intelligent security, communication technology, and more. This diversified product line allows us to flexibly adapt to the diverse needs of the Qatari market, providing comprehensive and personalized solutions to our clients.

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